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gamefan9999 played Secret of Mana

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gamefan9999 said...
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me and my sis played it and we kept getting lost in the woods. we faught 2 bosses and almost died will getting to the cat to save the game.
Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana (WII)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D Action RPG
Release Date: 13/OCT/08
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This is on the virtual console, correct? I must have missed this one big time! I'm going to have to grab it when i get home!
no this is for a really old consloe. the super nintendo
Yeah. I have it for SNES. I was hoping since the game tag was marked Secret of Mana WII, that it was for the virtual console. I really enjoyed the game when it first came out, and will probably pick it up as a download if I can get it on my Wii.
well if they make it for the wii then i hope they make it for the ps2 also lol. it would be so good in 3d. and u wouldent belive this. i am only 13 XD. dont ask me how i got my hands on that game. do u still play it?
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